You can see the LOWEST PRICES on the full line of  Hitachi water pumps in Buriram at the new warehouse superstore location on Highway 2074.  The technical staff of Ruangsangthai (some of those store staff attended reputable Thai Technical Colleges) can help you select the best Hitachi water pump for your home or business.  Maybe a Hitachi Inverter Pump would make the most sense for your situation, but you will NOT be pushed by a pesky sales person looking to make a “spiff’ or “secret commission” as the staff of Ruangsangthai do NOT work on commission and they do not ever get “spiffs”.  Compare Hitachi Electric Automatic Jet Pumps to other brands. Compare prices at Buriram Homepro, Home Mart, Home Mega Mart to Ruangsangthai and ask about a "free loaner water pump" during repairs.  Do you see a repair department at other builders Merchant stores in Buriram or Surin?  Check the installation prices of other stores! Ruangsanthai is the Buriram Water Pump Specialists.

You can see Mitsubishi and Hitachi GX Series water pumps set up side by side as you walk into the new location of Ruangsangthai.  If you glance at the steel shelves inside Ruangsangthai you can see THOUSANDS of new in the box Hitachi and Mitsubishi Water pumps stacked up to 5 levels high on pallets.  They will NOT be “out of stock” when you select a quality Hitachi water pump.

Ruangsangthai can deliver and INSTALL your new Hitachi water pump in Surin Province or Buriram Province.  They can make sure it has top grade PVC thick walled pipe, proper valves, even WATER FILTERING to supply your home or business with dependable clean water, even if you have well water as your source or a village water system.  Most models of Hitachi water pumps have a 5 year warranty on the motor, so be sure to compare Hitachi with other reputable water pump brands. Ruangsangthai is also an authorized repair station for Hitachi water pumps both during the warranty period and after the warranty no longer covers repairs. They carry hundreds of parts for Hitachi water pumps and offer a “FREE Loaner Water Pumpif you buy the Hitachi Pump at RST. 

Lowest prices, & the largest stock in Buriram Province, Surin Province or Maha Sarakham Province of Hitachi Automatic and Inverter Water Pumps. In Buriram Isaan province you can now purchase Hitachi Power Tools and Hitachi Garden Tools at discount prices at Ruangsangthai. Hitachi Power Tools are also repaired at Ruangsangthai located on Highway 2074 in Buriram, Isaan Thailand. Thai | English speaking staff in Buriram.