Ruangsangthai is the highest volume dealer of water pumps in Buriram Province and Surin Province. With that established base of water treatment systems was the need to provide municipal water system operators, factory owners, hotel operators and home owners with the chemicals including Zelbrite or Zeolite that go into cleaning tanks or filter tanks.  Alongside that growing business was the need to provide SWIMMING POOL owners with safe, low cost chemicals and swimming pool salt to treat water and make it safe for swimming.  Ruangsangthai stocks and delivers to YOUR location SWIMMING POOL chemicals, chlorine tablets and Swimming Pool Salt for a small fraction of the price charged by Bangkok Swimming Pool Dealers.  The labels on Swimming Pool chemicals list the exact ingredients so it is only sensible to buy the low cost chemicals to make your Buriram swimming pool and spa water safe. Ruangsangthai provides Emaux Swimming Pool Filter Pumps and ALL the items you need to self build a swimming pool in Buriram.  Ruangsangthai offers lower prices on Kera Swimming Pool Tiles or RCI swimming pool tiles than the Buriram Global House | Buriram Thai Watsadu | Buriram Home Pro | Buriram Home Mart | Buriram Home Mega Mart.

McKarlen and Emaux are two brands of low cost swimming pool pumps, swimming pool filters, pool accessories, that you can buy at a DISCOUNT from Ruangsangthai in Buriram on Highway 2074. You can see these McKarlen brand and Emaux swimming pool water systems on display inside Ruangsanthai and realize you will save serious money and have better SERVICE if you live in Surin Province or Buriram Province and no longer have to wait for expensive shipments from a Bangkok Swimming Pool Company. You will no longer need to pay through the nose for “service technicians” to drive from Bangkok to your Surin Province or Buriram Province home or hotel location.  Emaux, Hayward, Calpeda, Zodiac are swimming pool pumps, filters, salt chlorinators sold at a much lower cost at Ruangsangthai in Buriram than a swimming pool shop or swimming pool builder.  Just bring your old pool chemical containers or a written list of what chemicals you need for your pool to the new Warehouse store of Ruangsanthai to be pleased with the much lower prices, faster FREE delivery and you realize you can have your existing pool equipment repaired by a local Buriram repair team on shorter notice at a lower cost than you might have previously paid for a Bangkok, Khon Kaen or Korat firm.

Phone 044-666-484  ex 117 The Buriram Home Builder Store is Only 5 minutes from the Buriram Private Hospital on Highway 2074.