Buriram Water Tanks and Septic Tanks

The two brands of Stainless Steel water tanks sold by Ruangsangthai are “Diamond Brand” and “Advanced”.  18/8 stainless steel and both firms have several “lines” for you to consider in many capacities. Ruangsangthai has large delivery trucks for the 2000 liter and larger water tanks and septic tanks. Larger Water tanks are best delivered in a large truck, not a pickup.

When you drive into the parking lot of Ruangsangthai on Highway 2074, directly across the street from the Buriram PEA Electric four story office building, it will become obvious that they stock a high volume of limited brands of stainless steel water tanks, LLDPE water tanks, Poly-Ethylene Tanks, Rain Water Storage Tanks, Blue water tanks, Septic tanks from 500 liters to 5000 liters. Inside the large store in the display showcase and rear display area you can see Booster tanks for multi story homes or multi story buildings.  You won’t see HiSo designer tanks with High Prices. Free delivery in the photo below in Buriram province. Buriram Global House | Thai Watsadu and Buriram Home Pro charge delivery fees in Buriram. 

The high quality LLDPE tanks sold by Ruangsanthai are from Diamond Brand, DOS Water Tank, and Advanced with several lines including 25 year warranty “Sand Stone” and 20 year warranty “Everest” lines of Diamond Brand. Safe is another brand sold at the lowest prices in Buriram Province or Surin province and delivered to your home or business free of charge.  Professional installation, with or without a water pump purchase, is certain possible and advisable from Ruangsangthai.  Those water tanks will eventually weigh quite a bit and the “overflow” safety and other considerations will be addressed in a professional and sensible manner by the experienced installation crews of Ruangsangthai. 

Sure you could use Concrete rings like they do in many Buriram villages for a septic tank for human waste.  However a professional and inexpensive Septic tank solution connected to a sewer or other concrete rings or French Drain in a safe manner is a better option and who better than the engineers of Ruangsanthai to advise you on which Septic Tanks to consider for purchase including DOS Septic TankSafe brand or Trident Brand Septic tanksTrident, DOS and Safe black septic tanks are NOT costly. 1000 liter to 6000 liter septic tanks are in Stock at Ruangsangthai for immediate FREE delivery. Underground water tanks are discounted in Buriram by the #1 water tank shop Ruangsangthai Ltd.  Under counter grease traps are in stock at Ruangsangthai. 

    Mid to TOP OF THE LINE Stainless Steel and LLDPE tank manufacturer is Diamond Tank Thailand.

  "Value Brand" of Water Tanks | Fish Farm Tanks and Septic Tanks is Safe Tank.